WELL Health Token

WELL Health Token. WELL is building the global, decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace for healthcare. WELL is globalizing healthcare and eliminating country borders to directly connect healthcare specialists and patients worldwide. With a working product already in place and a number of great partnerships already formed, WELL is preparing to grow and develop their business.

WELL is already working profitable business. By 2017 it had the largest therapist network in California. To date, WELL has conducted 22,916 consults – this is mixture of Post Acute, Wellness Visits, Clinics and Pilots.

Now the project is creating a token of on-demand healthcare that solves the current problems of cross-border payments, data accessibility and payment risk, all while allowing the areas with the world’s highest quality of healthcare to serve the patients globally.

WELL Health Token

Hard Cap US $28 Million

“WELL is a HIPAA compliant virtual care platform, encompassing telemedicine, biometric devices and telemonitoring to engage and manage patients and at-risk populations. WELL has built-in secure messaging and their own private clinical network composed of over 1,600 providers covering 49 states in the U.S. and some of the world. We’re planning to spend funds raised during the crowdsale for the development of our own blockchain and distribution of WELL platform all over the world,” said Ildar Fazulyanov, founder of WELL.

WELL co-founder, Alex Prokhorov adds: “By lowering the barrier of contacting a physician, WELL both saves substantial healthcare costs as well as encourages patients to visit the local emergency department when appropriate. By modern standards, the blockchain is more private and liquid, costs less to administer and also provides a real-time, lifesaving flow of medical data.”

Crowdsale Campaign

The crowdsale period will begin on April 16, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PST and will continue until WELL reaches the hard cap of $28M Ether or Bitcoin or until May 15, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. PST.

The soft cap of the project’s crowdsale is $3,000,000 and has been already raised.

WELL tokens are valued at $0.10 USD. Participants can purchase their tokens using cryptocurrency, such as BTC or ETH.

About WELL

Ildar Fazulyanov started WELL in April 2015, driven by his inability to access timely healthcare. After breaking his leg in a snowboarding accident, he had surgery, and after discharge, required physical therapy and rehabilitation, like many patients do. This incident inspired him to create WELL. WELL was incorporated in Delaware as Well, Inc. C Corporation on June 4, 2015. WELL works with the following companies: Medicare; myMatrixx®; Optum; Century Pacific Medical, Inc. WELL also works with Medi-Cal, Veteran Affairs, Tricare, Medicare Advantage, several HMO/PPO plans, Self-Pay/Private Pay, dozens of hospitals as well as Assisted Living Facilities, Hospices and over two hundred home healthcare agencies. Importantly, today WELL clinicians speak many languages including: English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Armenian, Vietnamese, Farsi, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew and others.

Find out more about WELL by watching the video.

Social Media:

BitcoinTalk announcement link

Twitter https://twitter.com/jointeamwell

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jointeamwell/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/10091605/

Telegram group

Youtube intro video link

Youtube channel link

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jointeamwell/

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/JoinWell/

Steemit https://steemit.com/@joinwell/

Medium https://medium.com/@joinwell

Key Advantages:

✓WELL network’s frictionless transactions encourages engagement and growth

✓Working product and fast-growing network of patients and doctors

✓Global reach and the multilingual capabilities of the platform

✓Free distribution of the platform and strong social mission which empowers nonprofits

✓Limited issuance of WELL tokens

✓Wide variety of token usage within the system which creates a high-demand for tokens

✓Possibility of partnerships with government institutions and other profitable business models

WELL is working telehealth network in California (U.S.).

*This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative.

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