Why B2BX tokens will grow?

Why B2BX tokens will grow? Where will the demand come from and how can I earn on them? Traders are willing to trade cryptocurrency, however, brokers do not provide physical delivery, because of the law restrictions. There is only one solution left for traders – unregulated exchanges, which are not regulated by law, so, I think you understand that it does not inspire trust. In addition, there are not enough crypto-liquidity on the market, in that case, a broker has to collect liquidity from many different liquidity providers. For every liquidity provider, broker have to create agreement and send a deposit, which can be delayed for a month. Also, integration with liquidity platforms consists of technical difficulties, because each broker/exchange has its own systems and API. B2BX – The first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator for institutional clients. So, we have the solution of the above problems B2BX Aggregator. Token Distribution – ICO B2BX. They accept BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR.

Why is it interesting?

Why ICO B2BX tokens will grow?

B2BX – The first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator for institutional clients

One of the main features of ICO B2BX is that their bring to the market not just an idea on a paper, but a working prototype with the institutional clients working in live mode. The concept has been working successfully for several years and tested on Forex/DMA/Stock Brokers. Now their have implemented it in the crypto-industry and plan to develop it to a global scale.

At the moment, their product line has 9 products and all of them are already used by their customers. This is the liquidity for Forex, Stock, Crypto; Traders Room; Social Trading platform; White Label of trading platforms; Crypto-exchange turnkey; Crypto-broker turnkey; Forex broker turnkey; B2Bridge; aggregators; legal and technical support. A detailed description of each product can be found in the B2Broker Product and Service list.

1. After the ICO finish, the B2BX token will be freely traded on all crypto-exchanges, which they create as part of the service “Crypto-exchange turnkey” (already implemented for 5 clients), with each new exchange geography will expand, and the number of traders and investors will grow.

2. After the ICO finish, the B2BX token will be traded through marginal liquidity from all brokers who receive B2BX liquidity via the FIX API. According to their Roadmap, they plan to connect more than 200 brokerage companies by the end of 2018, with an average turnover of several tens of billions of US dollars and more than 5 million of the total active customer base, which means that the volume of B2BX token trade will grow exponentially with each new broker or any other institutional client.

3. After the end of the ICO, the B2BX token will be traded on several major exchanges, included in the top 15 by CoinMarketCap data. Most often after tokens are added to the largest crypto-exchanges, the price of the token grows, as the level of trust in these companies in the crypto-industry is quite high and in fact community recognizes the token as a liquid asset.

4. Liquidity on B2BX token will be spread through the main aggregators (Integral, Prime XM, OneZero). In fact, this means that they potentially obtain collectively about 1000 brokerage companies of various types, and their liquidity will be distributed to several tens of millions of retail customers. The B2BX token will be added to the largest aggregators of the crypto-industry. Liquidity on it will be broadcast to all institutional customers of the aggregator, and those, in turn, will broadcast the opportunity to trade B2BX tokens to hundreds of thousands of retail customers.

5. The part of B2BX tokens will be distributed between the members of their team, and won’t be available for trading on the secondary market within six months from the end of the ICO. Thus, their plan to cover the risk of the loss of value of the token. Conversely, tokens intended for the company’s purposes will be saved for the purpose of listing on crypto-exchanges and maintaining liquidity in the market.

6. After the ICO finish, it will be possible to use products and services, specified in B2Broker Product and Service list. This will be beneficial to the holders of tokens, since with the growth of the price of the token, for the participants this means a decrease in the cost of services for the amount of the growth of token’s value.

7. The team’s experience in the financial markets of exchanges, trading, brokerage and liquidity is more than 10 years, so their know how to create volatility and liquidity for the asset. Accordingly, there is a potential opportunity to earn simply by buying they tokens during the ICO and selling them more expensively in the secondary market.

How to buy B2BX tokens:

1.Register in the web wallet (personal ICO cabinet) on the official website – ICO.b2bx.pro.

2.In the personal ICO cabinet, you will be asked to create a private key for opening your personal Ethereum blockchain Wallet. You should simply – Enter a phrase and click “create”.

3. After step 2, you will receive private keys to the web-wallet via Email (NOTE: – their do not store anything on they side, so make sure you save them properly, otherwise their will not restore them).

4. Next, web-wallet will offer you the option to buy tokens using one of the 6 available cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash).
After you pick cryptocurrency of your choice, click “send”, copy the address provided in paragraph 3 and send.

5. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, smart contract immediately sends you B2BX tokens for the amount of the cryptocurrency you send. You will be able to see them on your Web Wallet address and check them through the Ethereum browser (Etherscan.io).

6. At the end of the ICO, tokens can be withdrawn to your Ethereum’s wallet or you can store them on the WebWallet in your personal ICO cabinet (NOTE: no one can withdraw/ transfer tokens without you).

*We pay attention to the fact that the assumption of the growth of the B2BX token exchange rate given above is exclusively our professional opinion, and is not a promise of such growth, a promise of profit or offer to invest. They plan to list their tokens on several major exchanges (Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp, HitBtc, Bithumb, CEX.IO, Liqui) within a month after the ICO finish.

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